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School Choice Lottery for next year's kindergarten and second grade will be held in the Superintendent's office on May 6th at 9:30 a.m.

Smith Academy


club_038Core Values & Beliefs about Learning

Smith Academy seeks to empower its students by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  Our educational community remains committed to

fostering a supportive, caring learning environment,

placing an emphasis on high standards,

ensuring that students actively engage in their educational pursuits,

treating others with dignity.


Expectations for Student Learning

1. Work independently and collaboratively to solve problems, think critically and accomplish goals.

2. Communicate information clearly and effectively using appropriate tools for varied contexts and purposes.

3. Demonstrate creativity, flexibility and adaptability in thinking patterns, work habits, and working/learning conditions.  

4. Evaluate, select and use technology ethically and effectively.

5. Exhibits integrity in interactions and decisions, characterized by respect for diversity and personal responsibility.

As you view our website, please feel free to contact our Principal, Andrew Berrios if you would like your child to become a member of the Smith Academy community.  

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